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Below You will find our original and most popular bong selction!!

For a friendly get together, or an all out wild party. We got the stuff to make it great. If your a mild drinker or a wild drinker we got your bong. We can also build custom orders to fit all your crazy habits. All of bongs are built with quality PVC and Vinyl Tubing that will last through even the wildest party animals. Price Also includes Premium Valves on each hose to help control the flow. Now our custom designed 2 and 4 hose bongs are patent pending. The U.S. Patent office declared our design to be unique.The hard step is over. Soon the patent will be done and only from The Beer Bong Shop will you be able to buy these unique designs


  We are celebrating 10  Years of the Best Bongs on the internet . So check out our Hot Summer Specials .  It's our way of saying thanks for the best 10 Years of our life so far. 
Due to supplier changes. Funnel colors may very from time to time

The Hot Shot

Who got the Bong out?
A traditional Single hose bong.
For those who just have to have one for themselves
Holds up to 64 oz of liquid

 Special 11.99

2 Man Chugger


Let the Chugging begin.
With two hoses the Champion and the Challenger,
Who will be standing at the end of the night
Holds up to 80 oz of liquid
Patent Pending!

Spring Special 22.99

4 Man Shooter

The shooter is our most popular model.
This baby gets lots of use and is a Frat favorite.
Grab a hose, grab 2 hoses, heck feeling Olympic take all 4 Hoses.
Hot Summer
 Special 37.99


6 Man Racer

Time to separate the men from the boys.
Anyone can Chug but who can do it faster.
With 6 hoses get the group together make a toast and go for it.
1-2-3 FIRE

Spring Break Special  47.95


Optional Stand

Want Extra Valves

NOW AVAILABLE.We have had lots of inquiries about shut off valves on top in case you only want to use 1 or 2 hoses on your bong. We now offer this as an optional addition to your bong. Just let us know what you would like. Additional shut off valves on top will be 2.99 each added to the price of your bong. All bong prices include valves at bottom of each hose. 2.99 is for extra valves on top of the bong hoses.

We Even Build
Custom Bongs

Meet Filopia a legend in her own right.
With 8ft long 1-1/4 inch hose and a 4 quart Funnell.
Many have watched few have tried
Most will puke!!
Patent pending on our 2 and 4 hose design.

Here's to all our troops in the middle east."God Speed"
and when you get home

"This Buds for You"